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Despite what appears to be another “poor pitiful me, I’m rich but bored” comedy/drama, Afternoon Delight is surprisingly good.


Helmed by Jill Soloway (who snagged the 2013 Sundance Best Director award), the film follows Rachel (played by Step brothers’ Kathryn Hahn), a stay at home mom, married to a tech entrepreneur Jeff (How I met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor), living in LA;s trendy Silver Lake. Rachel has slew of wealthy white people problems that spill out in her therapy sessions: she’s bored, has a lackluster sex life and lacks the ambition and motivation to do, well, anything. Afternoon Delight has all the makings of yet another ho-hum indie flick, but Hahn is fantastic in this, her first real starring role, and is able to make the character surprisingly sympathetic.


Rachel ends up befriending a young stripper/call girl (Juno Temple) and invites her to stay with the family. The movie, while far from perfect, is still compelling enough to keep your attention throughout. And despite wondering why she continues to stick with a self-absorbed ass like Jeff, you can’t help but root for Hahn’s Rachel.  


Afternoon Delight/95 Mins./Cinedigm/2014


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