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Calling to mind everyone from the B-52’s to the dB’s, Athens, GA-based Casper & The Cookies have always revealed in catchy, jerky synth pop that you can’t help but sing along to (quirky choruses be damned!).

On Dingbats, their eighth release (their sixth or so with the band full band, The Cookies), the group is still uncompromisingly odd and just as fun as when they first surfaced. Their latest is not a huge move away from earlier efforts, but then again, it doesn’t need to be as the band has built a pretty solid, if small, cult around their music.

Not every track here is stellar – “Amphetamines,” for example, sounds a bit like a Grace Slick castoff – but when the band hits, they hit big, like on the ominous “Lemon Horses” or the Stooges-worthy “Thing For Ugly.”

While not for everyone, Casper & The Cookies have never had a problem finding like-minded music fans and Dingbats is bound to make those fans as happy as ever.
Casper & the Cookies – Dingbats/13 tracks/Wild Kindness Records and Stuff Records/2014

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