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Athens, GA indie pop band Eureka California take up right where Pavement left off after Stephen Malkmus realized he didn’t want to get along with anyone any more. Like their fellow 90’s rock obsessives Good Grief, Eureka California have a slacker pop sound that comes off uncontrived, but down right infectious.


The pair, each contributing two songs to this split (“Turn on Autopilot” and “DC Sniper” for Eureka California and “”Rusty Nail” and “Another Round” for Good Grief), complement each other well.  The Liverpool-based trio Good Grief comes off a little more raucous, but just as contagious. With just a pair of songs each – not a bad one in the bunch – both bands simply leave you wanting more.

Eureka California/Good Grief Split 7”/4 songs/HHBTM/2013

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