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Golden Brett pours with a very titular coloration, while a small white head that creates some long-lasting lacing. The beer is a perfect introduction into the wild ale style. The golden beer (Belgian-styled) base is the perfect breeding ground for the brettanomyces yeast. With the initial sip, one will be able to taste white wine and citrus (particularly lime) elements, which rapidly shift to notes of pear, grape skins, and green apple.  The sour notes that come through after the initial quaff provide a good amount of tartness, yielding ground for a small amount of sweetness that will refresh imbiber’s palettes and allow their next sip to be a fresh experience.

The beer’s 7.2% ABV provides a nice head-space and ensures that two or three bottles should conclude a memorable session. The beer is effervescent and light on the tongue while still being formidable enough to provide a nice bit of warmth. Golden Brett would be great paired with fish or chicken, and would work equally well in a nut or cheese pairing. Golden Brett is available in 12.7 bottles with corks and a cage – open the bottle over a trash can or sink as it may be lively.

Make sure to visit the Allagash website for further information about the brewery, their draft-only efforts (previously true about the Golden Brett), and for countless recipes that utilize or create dishes that will shine with one of the brewery’s efforts.

Rating: 9.0/10

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