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Eastbound & Down went out with a bang for its final (fourth) season. The main characters – Kenny, April, and Stevie – have their final hurrah as Jon Reep (Jed Forney), Ken Marino (Guy Young), and Tim Heidecker (Gene) all make their presence felt. At the crux of this season has to be the struggle that Kenny has regarding his past (Major League Baseball), his present (children with April), and the uncertainties that his new family life provides. This season wraps up Kenny’s storyline nicely in the space of 8 episodes. By the end of Chapter 29, it seems as if the future that Kenny could experience will be at least as wild and crazy as his time in the big leagues.


There are a number of extra features here, including a number of expanded scenes and audio commentaries that provide viewers with a better sense of what the creators and actors intended the fourth season to represent as the closing chapter in Kenny’s life. A set of outtakes showcases the sheer amount of fun that was occurring at the Eastbound & Down set, and showcases that the humor present in the show is an expansion of the natural funniness of each of the actors.


The Complete Fourth & Final Season of Eastbound & Down will be available on May 13th for around $25-30; HBO has also bundled the Blu-Ray versions of each of the season’s episodes. Eastbound & Down was a series that never hit a sour note – if you like raunchy comedy with a twist of the humane, the show will placate you nicely.


Rating: 8.3/10


Eastbound & Down: The Complete Fourth & Final Season DVD Set / 2014 HBO / 240 Minutes /

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