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Joshua Scott Jones, best known as one half of the country duo Steel Magnolia, will release his debut solo album, The Healing, on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.  The 11-track project is a collection of songs, which candidly retells the singer’s personal struggles and emotional journey over the last couple of years.  Each track exposes the raw emotions he experienced since he started working on his solo material last year. “This has been a long time coming for me,” he said.  “I feel like it’s really a chance for my voice to be heard.”

Jones opened up about his struggles with addiction and how the recording of The Healing was instrumental in his recovery exclusively to PEOPLE Magazine.  Jones felt it was time to publicly tell his story for the first time, explaining, “I feel like at this point in my life I don’t want to be anything but candid. This record certainly reflects my headspace over the last few years and tells the story of what I’ve gone through, especially the title track of the record, ‘The Healing.’  Although I’ve been near the top before in my career, I’m looking forward to experiencing it all again; this time clean, clear and healthy.”

The Healing kicks off with the catchy male anthem, “Honk (If You’re Tonky),” a fun introduction for the tracks that follow including the groove-infused “Tennessee Blue,” the candid throwback “Lover Let Me Show You My Heart,” and the carefree “Whiskey Anthem.”  On many of the tracks found on The Healing, Jones opens up and tells a story that begs to be heard.  One notable track, “Just How A Heart Breaks,” was written on the piano at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Tennessee where Jones completed his 30-day stay in rehab.  The album closes with the title track that is powerful and raw with honest lyrics that cut straight through your heart (that spark in our eyes/ that God was revealing/ may the hurt that we’re feeling / lead to the healing.)

In anticipation of the release, fans can pre-order The Healing on iTunes and receive instant downloads of “Honk (If You’re Tonky),” “Tennessee House,” and “The Healing.”  Click HERE to pre-order or visit,

A free download of the title track, “The Healing,” is available by picking up the current issue of PEOPLE Country on newsstands now.

The Healing Track Listing:

1. “Honk (If You’re Tonky)”
(Josh Alford / Joshua Scott Jones)
2. “DUI”
(Joshua Scott Jones / Leland Grant)
3. “Tennessee Blue”
(Joshua Scott Jones)
4. “City Of Angels”
(Joshua Scott Jones)
5. “Rearview”
(Joshua Scott Jones / Lady Goodman)
6. “Whiskey Anthem”
(Jeffrey Steele / Joshua Scott Jones / Meghan Moore)
7. “You & I”
(James Farrell / Joshua Scott Jones)
8. “Tennessee House”
(Joshua Scott Jones)
9. “Lover Let Me Show You My Heart “
(Joshua Scott Jones)
10. “Just How A Heart Breaks”
(Joshua Scott Jones)
11. “The Healing”
(Joshua Scott Jones / Lady Goodman)

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