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Individuals listening to Nick Deutsch’s EP Crazy Ride will happen upon Run, a track that links together The Rocket Summer and hints of Say Anything and Owl City. Run is a track that could easily make it onto pop rotation, as Deutsch’s emotive vocals will capture listeners’ hearts while the solid production allows his inimitable vocals to hang with the biggies in the field. Green Light is a track that rapidly gains speed.

From the initial unity of piano and vocals, the track takes a harder edge through the inclusion of drums. The silky-smooth vocal style of Deutsch continues here, but improves upon Run in that Deutsch crafts some rich narrative in this effort. Something that listeners will be able to discern during the tracks on Crazy Ride is that Deutsch’s pop stylings obscure a much more complex and fulfilling set of instrumental arrangements. Fans will be able to hear a number of twists and turns with each subsequent listening, considerably increasing the overall replay value of this release. Crazy Ride comes forth as a blend of Paul Simon and Conor Oberst; this blend of older and newer musical styles will appease anyone listening in, while Deutsch’s vocals continue to impress.

The Static (which features Marissa Pontecorvo) is another solid effort on this release. The dynamic that is created between Nick and Marissa is stellar, with a vocal back and forth calling back to Islands in the Stream or Don’t You Wanna Stay. This single has a much greater crossover appeal for those fans of emotive or traditional pop music. For samples of Deutsch’s music, make sure to visit his Reverbnation; his Facebook is constantly updated with the latest in news.

Top Tracks: Run, Green Light

Rating: 8.6/10

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