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Goodbye Birdcage is a fun and hopeful album that will be eagerly devoured by any fan of rock, whether it be The Beach Boys or They Might Be Giants. Pretty Girls has a sun-drenched and slightly jazzy sound that highlights a set of lyrics which will tattoo themselves upon listeners’ minds and hearts. Learn to Swim looks further back to the nascent days of rock music; this 1940s and 1950s track is extremely touching and is created with utmost care. The track shines a spotlight on the vocals.14858

Heaven Only Knows has some of the most infectious multi-part harmonies ever committed to disc, with the raw, live sound of the choir providing fullness and richness in droves. The Sun in Santiago keeps the hooky, catchy sound of Frisch while taking on a nineties alternative feel. The album is united through smart instrumental arrangements and timeless vocals; these foci ensure that the replay value of Goodbye Birdcage is high. All Over Town takes on a Simon and Garfunkel style all while Frisch’s inimitable vocals poke through; the drums and guitars continue to increase in volume and intensity until listeners are greeted with a sunny and heartfelt instrumental section. Mary Ann links together two seemingly disparate styles – sixties pop—rock and late fifties / early sixties country and western; the track is another unmitigated success amongst countless other solid works on Goodbye Birdcage.

Individuals can hear samples from Goodbye Birdcage at Frisch’s domain, . The full Goodbye Birdcage album is available for download on iTunes, while the latest in information about Frisch (live shows, singles) can be located on his social media accounts.

Top Tracks: Learn to Swim, Heaven Only Knows

Rating: 8.4/10

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