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Together has a blend of pop rock and mid-seventies styling; there is a current and contemporary feel to this effort that is provided further depth through the sheer eclecticism of the styles that McMorris has included here. The track Lo & Behold expands upon McMorris’ repertoire with slightly hard rock styling; the track comes forth as a blend of Matchbox 20 and John Maher while still having a bit of grit and gravel.


Did You Ever Think is a slower and more heart-felt track in the vein of early Elton John and Billy Joel. The piano line properly highlights McMorris’ vocals without dwarfing them. The intertwined instrumental and vocal elements are able to unite and create a track that resounds loudly with listeners long after the album has finished. Next to You has a deliberate drum line that gains momentum, with the resultant track settling into a soulful and funky sound. There is a dichotomy between these stylistic decisions that allows listeners of a wide array of genres something meaty to chew on.

More Than Meets the Eye is the final track on Lo & Behold and has an epic sort of sound. The deliberate and intense composition here tie together the theatrical rock of Rush and Queen while keeping a close and comfy bar-room sound. The sheer dedication to reconciling these two styles makes this a perfect send off for fans, as well as providing some indication to the styles and influences that McMorris may use for subsequent releases. The album is available on iTunes and CDBaby ($6 for a download, $12 for a physical copy of the CD), while individuals that are interested in the latest information about McMorris’ live dates and recordings would do well to check out his Facebook ( ).

Top Tracks: Did You Ever Think, More Than Meets the Eye

Rating: 8.5/10

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