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Michael Leonard Witham has just released his debut album, A Scandal In The Violets. Over the course of 10 tracks, Witham is able to establish an eclectic style that touches upon country, rock, alternative, and folk music while sounding utterly current.Sorry Girl But The Show Is Over is an interesting composition that is a mélange of alt-country and singer-songwriter style. Imagine hints of Conor Oberst, Rufus Wainwright, and Billy Joel all rolled into one, creating songs that echo loudly in the minds and hearts of listeners. The production of A Scandal In The Violets is so clear that listeners should not be surprised to hear this on college radio. michaelleonardwitham

Witham is able to create hit after hit on A Scandal In The Violets, and Sideways Grin & A Wandering Eye is a smart effort; Witham links together Jack White and Rufus Wainwright in a track that hints at a sixties / seventies (e.g. Mott the Hoople) approach.

The Good Doctor’s Double Vodka Blues is a tremendously emotive track that builds an alluring narrative through both vocals and a fulfilling set of arrangements. The track speaks loudly to anyone that has loved and lost, touching upon a collective experience that hits listeners young and old, hitting the widest possible array of genres and musical styles. A Scandal In The Violets is available on CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes; make sure to visit Witham’s website for photos, live dates, and the latest in information about recordings and news. Make sure to pick up Witham’s debut today for a refreshing yet familiar musical style.

Top Tracks: Sideways Grin & A Wandering Eye, The Good Doctor’s Double Vodka Blues

Rating: 8.4/10

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