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Remember that ace Eagulls video with the slowly decomposing pigs head? Well, Sam Alder- the director- has turned his hands to the stand out track on Mazes’ new record, ‘Salford’. No rotting bodies tho, this one is tripped out boozing in a North West pub rocking out to heavy metal and smashing pints.

Sam on making the vid…

“We wanted the video to represent Salford in a way that wasn’t cliched and tired and we loved the idea of filming a proper local pub band that our mates dad plays in, so the plan was to head down and film the lovely locals having a party. However, at the shoot the vibe turned sour when we were filming the drinkers at the pub who weren’t really into it. We literally had to sneak away towards the end of the night to avoid getting a Salfordian telling off – seriously, one guy was making a karate chop gestures at us.

So by way of post-production therapy we superimposed our own mouths over those of the pub revellers. After all you can’t beat a pub rocker saying a line like “I am an honorary mention”.

I’m sure they’ll be no repercussions from this. “

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