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There is a new type of water that has been released for public consumption. This water contains a certain amount of caffeine but does not contain any of the funky tastes or off-putting odors that typical caffeine containing compounds usually possess. The company has created a variety of caffeine levels to deal with individual’s sensitivity to the compound. For example the 45 mg of caffeine in one variety of the water would be great if one needs to stay up for an hour or two – perhaps if they need a little bit of energy before they go to bed. For those individuals that want their water to have the same amount of caffeine has a cup of coffee there is a 90 and a 125 mg level of caffeine varietal.Avitae_3Bottles

The quality of the water bottles used for Avitae water is substantially greater than other disposable water bottles that are currently on the market. This means that individuals can bring them in to office meetings, to church, and any other location in which having a noisy crinkly water bottle would invite suspicion or glares. While I like the fact that this water was not flavored, I believe that putting a few different flavors at each caffeine level might further increase the amount of sales of Avitae. Make sure to visit the company’s website at and see exactly what sort of product options they provide. Adding the company’s social media profiles keeps individuals up-to-date regarding product line additions and overall availability of the product. Make sure to pick this up today if you would like you have a little boost with your water no matter whether one is at a workout or other function; check this water bottle.

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