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The CBX male chastity cage is a device that is designed to ensure compliance in a dominant / slave relationship, for individual usage, and for anybody that is looking to spice up their love life. The cage that we were provided (the CB-6000) is made out of a very sturdy plastic and comes with a number of instructions to ensure that the device works without a hitch. The one thing that I can say about the CBX chastity cage is that one needs to ensure that there is considerable lubrication for any part of the male that comes in contact with the cage.


There is no issue when everything is properly lubricated but there might be a little bit in the way of pinching if one forgets to properly lubricate oneself. The device snugly fits around the males’ genitalia ensures that the male cannot sustain an erection. The locks also are present to ensure compliance, and the company provides a lock so that one person that is the actual user of the cage or the mistress or master that is in control can remove the individual from the cage at any time that they determine.

The plasticized parts of the cage clean up easily – one only needs to use warm water and perhaps a small amount of soap and the device is as good as new. Visit the company’s website for more information about the products, their prices, at other potential activities that one or two may utilize in future sessions. The device’s cost may seem to be a slight bit on the high side ($149), but the device’s rugged build quality is at such a level that one can utilize the cage for years, if not decades, before they decide to utilize or purchase a new one. Make sure to continue visiting our website for additional coverage about CB-X and the line of their chastity cages that they sell.

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