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Harpoon Brewery has just released their Winter Warmer, one of the first winter seasonals that we have received for review this holiday season. The beer is able to go and stand on its own as a solid effort – one does not need to feel as if they are in the season to properly enjoy what Harpoon has done here. The beer pours with a very reddish brownish coloration and a nose that links together malt and barley with cinnamon, nutmeg and a wide array of different holiday spices. The beer’s ABV is pegged at a level (5.9%) that allows the delicate flavors of the effort to properly shine all while giving individuals just enough in the way of warmness to counteract a windy or cold winter’s night.winterwarmer


Harpoon’s Winter Warmer has a very expansive flavor profile as it continues to warm meaning that one will have a different constellation of flavors that are available to them when the beer is 50 degrees. It is this complexity of flavors that makes Harpoon’s Winter Warmer one of the few must drink beers that we have received so far in 2014. For information about the local distribution of Harpoon beers as well as further information about their Winter Warmer make sure to visit the company’s website. This is a limited time offering so make it a point to go and purchase your own six pack of the beer before it flies off of shelves.


Rating: 8.5 / 10


Harpoon Winter Warmer / 5.90% ABV /

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