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There are so many different snacking products that are currently on the market that individuals could spend years of their time trying to find the perfect product. We have found one of the most interesting products for snacking quite possibly ever. The Real Deal Real Veggie Chips come in original and sriracha flavors and are cut at a size that is much smaller than an average ship. Chips vaguely resemble the shells from macaroni and cheese.


This smaller size is a good way to ensure that one does not continually snack, as it takes a much larger amount of time to polish off a serving size. These ships are seasoned with a light dusting of sriracha flavor and garlic powder, ensuring a mild but not overwhelming flavor for either the chip or the seasoning blend. The Real Deal Real Veggie Chips are a considerable improvement from traditional potato chips. The Real Deal Snacks has made it easy to snack in a healthy way without having to sacrifice either mouthfeel or the overall profile in their product. Make sure to visit the company’s website for additional nutritional information, the entirety of their product lines, and any new products that may be on the horizon.

Rating: 8.7 / 10

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