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“Whimsy” is a rather appropriate title for Tetherball’s debut full length; 10 songs of quirky, enjoyable pop songs that could be about nothing or could actually be revealing life’s secrets, depending on how deep you dig into the lyrics.


The brainchild of musician/producer Steve Voss, who comes across a less conflicted version of Beck with a strong jones for The Kinks and Beatles. Songs like the Beach Boys-esque “Hometown” and the playful “Spring Chicken” reveal Voss as a fantastically creative songwriter and pop singer that elevates the genre much more than any of the modern pop stars that get radio airplay nowadays.

There are the occasional risks that don’t pay off (more than just being goofy, s song like “Vegetarian” is just regrettable), and those slips are made that much more apparent when the majority of the songs here are so strong. The album ends on a strong note with the somber, but subtly pretty “Timely Doctor.”

Tetherball – Whimsy/10 tracks/Silver Point/2014


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