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Kentucky-based punk band TEENAGE REHAB have released a music video for their song “Rewind”.

The track is off their brand new 7″ EP, entitled “Break Yourself” which was released Dec 16, through Revert Records.  You can purchase the EP here.

You may also stream the entire release while reading an interview with the band which was posted Dec 16 via Dying Scene.

Cover art for “Break Yourself” (2015 Revert Records)

Alex Reject comments about the making of the video:

“We had a blast filming this video, the guys are all old skateboarders but I can’t skate for shit so I jumped on one of my daughters bikes and did some tricks. I took on some legitimate scrapes and bruises but the good vibes were ever present!”

After forming in small town Paducah, KY in 1999, Teenage Rehab quickly garnered a reputation for  raw, in-your-face, abrasive punk rock.  Their mission simple;  to embrace high energy punk rock influences and put their own twist on it. You’ll find no flowers, poetry, perfectly timed jumps or puppy dog eyes.  In 2004, the band gained critical acclaim for their sophomore album “More Than A Job”, which was released on Amp Records.  After several years of restless touring and recording, Teenage Rehab then signed to Jailhouse Records where they released “Goodbye Sanity” , “Let’s Be Enemies” and “Abuse Your Solution” to rave reviews.

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