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We’re sitting down with Them Howling Bones. Let’s get right to it – What’s your story?

A: Well i guess our story starts with Me “mitch” wanting to start a band in LA after getting out of school. After school i went to england for a few weeks to try to figure out what i was doing with my life, and realized i wanted to start a band. I Came back to LA and started looking for members, and my girlfriend at the time told me about Peter. At the time he was in another band with our now bass player called “Kick Rocks” after every show i would go up to pete and say “Hey man, if you wanna start a real rock and roll band give me a call” Long story short he left his last band and we formed Them Howling Bones. After the formation of THB pete lived with me for two months and just wrote songs and tried to figure out the sound we were going for, up in a bungalow in the west hollywood hills. The bungalow was super super crummy. We went threw a bunch of members until we finally two years ago got the right guys for the job. We recorded our EP at “bamboo studios” in a garage in Torrence and were luckily to get Perry Monugerloff of PIE studios to master. Which we were all extremely grateful for. We released our EP on Nov 4th At “LA Fort” which was a super fun show. Also  you can get the EP on iTunes ”I must add”, We are currently playing shows in SoCal. and Plan to record again this Feb.


How did your latest EP move from initial thought to finished effort?

A: The EP is a collection of songs that we had written years ago up to right before we started the recording process. it took a lot of recording time and a few different members before we got it right. We recorded and mastered twelve songs before picking the six that were the best for the EP. I love how it turned out. 2 inch tape man

What was the recording process for the new EP like?

A: The recording process was at times very tedus, some times a lot of fun. I had a joke with my producer, that for dinner at one of the sessions we ate five dollars worth of hot dogs and drank a two hundred dollar bottle of scotch. so the recording went like that.. haha….  in terms of process. we went live recording to Two Inch Tape. we dumped that into Digital, i would come in and do some overdubs, i think i used 15 different guitars on the EP and maybe ten different amp combinations, we really wanted to make sure we were getting the best sounds we could. Pete would come in to do VOX overdubs. After we would mix and mix and mix and mix some more then we sent it off to PIE studios to get mastered. after a lot of debate over what our cover art was going to be. It finally got done and came out.

What artists and styles most influence your overall sound?

A: Well all of our personal influences are different. Pete has a strong route in Garage Music and Loves Cab Calloway “his biggest influence” And is also inspired by visual things. My personal influence is a strong route in the blues. Collin likes more modern stuff like Panda Bear, and likes Buddy Miles. Mondo has his own influence. The whole band is inspired by a lot of different things, not even music. and we are also inspired by whiskey.

How has the band evolved since your earliest cuts?

A: We have evolved tremendously. We went threw a lot of different members and a lot of different songs to get where we are now. I think the band is constantly evolving. some of the cuts on the EP are our earliest songs that have naturally developed over the time playing them over and over again. We are a band that never will play the same song the same way twice. its always evolving. i think our new music that isn’t even out yet sounds of a much mutterer band in terms of songwriting.

Are there any live dates or events that you will be performing to support the new release?

A: This summer we will be doing a lot of dates. currently we are playing a few shows out of town “LA” and a few in town shows.

How can interested readers find out more about Them Howling Bones?

A: well you can go to….




What has provided more of your fans – Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or traditional word of mouth?

A: Everything on social media really helps a lot. We have been doing a lot of videos of our songs and just of us messing around. that seems to help and show people who we are off stage as well as on stage. Also just doing gigs and meeting people. the best way to see us is to see us live. Not saying our recored doesn’t kill, because it does.

Thank you so much for your time. Do you have any final thoughts for us at NeuFutur?

A: We are just a rock and roll band, trying to make some good music, play shows and get our music out there. if you like it come to a show or even grab the EP. thanks for having us.

#GDWTGD (Get Down With The Get Down)


Mitch – Them Howling Bones

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