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Cigarillos represent a smaller sized version of the typical cigar so a smoker doesn’t have to commit to an entire cigar to get a great smoke. They also offer a variety of flavors that the typical cigar makers don’t provide. Unlike those fat stogies, cigarillos can be snuck in while a friend is having a cigarette. Basically, cigarillos are the perfect sized mini-cigar for a night out on the town or at someone’s house.


The most common of these types are smooth-shelled cigarillos that typically come in cellophane or (increasingly) foil packs. There are hundreds of flavors, from mango to grape (wine and white), peach to strawberry, and these are typically the cheapest on the shelf. The next step up comes in the cigarillos that use full tobacco leaves as shells. There is a slightly richer flavor profile for these little cigars on the average, with different tobaccos – palma, green, and brown – representing wholly different beasts. The ones we sampled by Trendsettah were the perfect size at the perfect price. They also offer about a dozen different flavors so no matter how picky your friends are they will find one that tastes just right.Cigar

What sort of brand or type of cigarillo that one purchases is up to them, and there are various other concerns to answer before picking out the best for your tastes – do I need a wood or plastic filter, do I want a mini or a full-sized cigar? If you would like to introduce yourself to the fatter stogies after only smoking cigarettes, a cigarillo is a perfect middle ground. Go to your local gas station or grocery and see what sort of cigarillos are good for you, but if you want a great taste at a reasonable price ask for Trendsettah. You won’t be disappointed.

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