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What artists possess the greatest influence on your music?
I’m sure that the music I listen to has some sort of influence over my mind, which influences what gets written, but I have no conscious awareness of any specific influences.


You are also an actor. How does your time in front of the screen prepare you as a musical performer?

Acting on screen teaches you patience, discipline, the necessity of a positive attitude, and how to work together as a team.  That’s good preparation for anything in life.


Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?
I switch my mind into receptive mode and then go about my day.  Sometimes a song will come immediately, other times it takes a few days.  Often I just wake up with the melody playing in my head.  Most of the songs are things that I first heard in dreams, then recorded upon awakening, but a few have come at very inopportune times and I have had to run to the bathroom to hum them into my phone before I lost them.


After the melody is out I upload it to the cloud, unless it is insistent and desires to be born immediately, then I must stop everything and give birth to the song.  I listen to the melody, then a word, or phrase, comes to mind.  Then I listen to that word, and the lyrics come out.  It is a very fast process.


How can interested readers listen to your music?
All of my music is on my website, and a few unreleased songs appear there unannounced for brief periods of time.  You can also listen to, and purchase, the music at iTunes and Bandcamp, or stream it on Spotify.


What has been your most memorable experience as a performer?

A rehearsal for a very large musical at a very large venue in a very theater oriented city.  I had kidney surgery and they had given me an epidural, so I couldn’t feel below the legs.  The second that I could feel my legs again, my friend wheeled me out to his car, then drove me to the rehearsal that was in process, and I rolled myself out onto stage straight out of surgery.  I don’t remember much of it since I was on a lot of prescription drugs, but it was still probably my most memorable experience as a performer since it taught me a lot about myself.


What goals do you still have left to accomplish in 2015 and over your career?

We are releasing the full album in late April.  We are also working on a music video, which may not see the light of day, but it is an experience that I would like to have.

I am not a goal oriented person.  I don’t think in that way.  I look at what needs to be done and I set to work laying the foundation for it to come into being, or I think about what I would like to experience then set to work making it happen.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, and sometimes I change my mind.  Goals seem very silly to me.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Anyone who starts a sentence with the phrase “music is”, or ”music isn’t”, is probably a fraud.  Music means many things to many people.  Don’t let anyone else define your parameters.

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