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Life Fight is a dense track that will yield additional twists and turns with each subsequent listen. OG Penguin’s flow during this track links together 2 Chainz, Killer Mike, and Danny Brown into something that is streetworthy while having enough in the way of hooks to keep listeners firmly at the edges of their seats. Say Yea has a slower, Kid Cudi contemplative feel to the effort that creates dynamic tension, standing on its own even as it showcases another side to OG Penguin’s story.



One Deep blends together the slower and quicker styles broached by OG Penguin and ties them up with a beat that keeps things dark and dank. No matter where someone is at on Cry, OG Penguin will be able to create something that is surprisingly and completely out of left field. His talent as a rapper is high enough that the disparate flows, styles, and sounds heard on this album work towards a single, unified goal. Few rap albums are able to remain strong from beginning to end, but there is a narrative crafted on Cry that is as rich as an episode of Empire or an early 8Ball and MJG album.

OG Penguin has made an album in Cry that bangs throughout and will hold up through repeat listens. Visit OG Penguin’s domain and social networking websites for more information about the performer, samples of his tracks, and the latest in news and information concerning tour dates and additional tracks. One can purchase singles or the entirety of Cry from OG Penguin’s main domain or

Top Tracks: Life Flight, Say Yea

Rating: 8.8/10

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