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The Columbus, Ohio rap scene has been pretty silent for a number of years, with one of the few claims to fame being Lil Bow Wow. However, there is an artist that has been creating waves. TripleR (Rachel Reese) has been breaking the walls down concerning what it means to be a rapper, establishing new twists and turns for the genre. On tracks like My Apology and Manual Focus, TripleR is able to tell a story while crafting a track that will stick deep in listeners’ minds for months after the track ceases.



There is a lyrical complexity that is present that is reminiscent of artist like Eminem, Lecrae, and John Reuben, while there is a crossover sound achieved on efforts like Like The Wheel and See You In Heaven that should garner increased play. My Apology showcases further evolution of TripleR’s style, allowing her flow to be highlighted by a throwback style that ties together the late nineties, the early two-thousands, and the current period into something that any fan of rap will be able to get behind.


I feel that there has to be some sort of reason behind performing to create something truly special. If an artist is just cutting tracks to receive money or fame, the track will sound as such. The thread of faith that is present in each of TripleR’s tracks showcases a sense of purpose. This thread imbues each cut with an honest and earnest sound that fans can easily get behind, without losing any of the edge or professional production that secular artists utilize.


For samples of TripleR’s music, biographical information, and a video, visit . TripleR’s Facebook and will keep interested parties up to date with all of her latest news, tracks, and updates. Here’s to hoping that TripleR will be able to continue to build upon her legacy and touch the hearts of a wider swath of fans throughout the rest of the year. We will be playing the Cambodian Coffee EP throughout the spring and summer at NeuFutur headquarters, and if you like your rap to possess purpose and meaning, you should as well. Add TripleR to your bookmarks today.

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