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Having cut his production teeth on what was known as ‘intelligent drum and bass’, James went on to dismantle the very framework of 170 bpm musical creation and re-assemble it into a new adventurous, spacious design which would eventually morph into what became known as ‘Autonomic’. Providing the very first album for Instra:mental’s ‘Nonplus’ label (his 6th as ASC), James entered into a flurry of songwriting form that would continue to evolve as he became frighteningly prolific, spreading his unique approach effortlessly across tempo’s and non tempo’s to re affirm his powerful singularity in a field of music dominated by copyists and recycled ideas.

2015 brings us to his 12th album as ASC and second for Samurai Red Seal. Following on from 2012’s ‘Out Of Sync’, ‘Imagine The Future’ is the 170 bpm Sci Fi dream-state LP we always hoped ASCwould make. An enveloping futuristic sound environment, ‘Imagine The Future’ conjures images of parallel worlds, much like the Blade Runner movie and soundtrack did for us all in the early 80’s and into the 90’s.


Handed to us once again as a fully realised full length project, all that was left was to capture the sound in an image and hope that ASC’s next productions didn’t jump too far ahead of it before it became a finished project.

‘Imagine The Future’ is an album that demands your attention for it’s entirety, no mean feat in 2015. We ask that you turn off any external distractions, and fully plug yourself into it’s sumptuous environment.

  1. Sunspots (Events # 1 – 3)
  2. Bell Curve
  3. Dark Matter
  4. Response Code
  5. Imagine The Future
  6. Unfriendly Waters
  7. Cosm
  8. Axis Shift
  9. Negative Space
  10. The Secret Society
  11. (Event #4)
  12. Atmospheric Interference .



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