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We visited the City Barbeque in the Polaris area (8491 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH) a few days back and had a stellar meal. The company has a number of distinct menu options to ensure that individuals have a meal that will far outstrip the offerings of any other fast-food or sit-down restaurant around.

Smoked sausage is an all-star on City Barbeque’s menu, having a complex spice blend used that ensures that every bite has a slightly different flavor profile. The turkey breast is a rare example of a turkey product that is juicy and moist throughout, while the beef brisket has considerable smokiness without losing any of the moisture of the meat. Our favorite had to be the pulled pork, having a solid balance of stringy and cohesive to ensure that City Barbeque’s sauces hold perfectly.


The different sides that we experienced were all solid efforts. The fresh cut fries were crispy without being too tough to bite, with only a small amount of seasoning to allow for individuals to gussy them up however they would like. The hush puppies were smaller than those found at other restaurants, meaning that there was actually a good amount of crunch without the hush puppies being mealy or a chore to eat. The baked beans utilized the City Barbeque sauce rather than coming with the overly sweet sauce that most packaged baked beans have, while the corn pudding represents the perfectly blend of sweet and savory.


The different barbeque sauces that City offers have distinct flavor profiles, meaning that the Brushfire sauce has a little bit of a fiery zing alongside a smaller amount of sweetness and smoky elements. The Texas toast looks to be fairly simple on the exterior, but there is a little bit of sweet and buttery that is matched nicely with a crunchy mouthfeel and filling body. The City Sampler is the perfect way to experience the full variety of what City Barbeque has to offer, including the Texas toast alongside 2 sides of one’s choice, turkey, sausage, pulled pork, and beef brisket.IMG_20150520_135108111

All together, two platters, two pieces of the Texas sheet cake, and two drinks eaten in the restaurant came to a few cents above $50. City Barbeque also offers pick-up and catering options for parties big and small. For a full listing of the products that are on the restaurant’s menu including their seasonal offerings), the stores nearest to you, and the fundraising opportunity that the restaurant provides.

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