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Since we began our health and fitness section in 2010, we have been sent so many protein bars that have been the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of flavor, texture, or overall mouth feel that we have a drawer at NeuFutur Headquarters where the orphaned bars begin their process of mummification. Every year or so, we receive a bar that shatters all of the conceptions we have about these treats; as a result, the bars disappear as quickly as we have received them.

The Perfect Bar is the best health-food effort that we have received in 2015. The company has created a line with a variety of different product options for those with dietary restrictions. For the vegans, the almond coconut bar has 8 grams of protein and deftly blends nuts and tropical flavors, while those calorie-conscious individuals have almond acai and cranberry crunch flavors to sate themselves. The mini perfect bar options – peanut butter and almond butter – do well for those that are looking to have smaller portions, while we found ourselves to be greater fans of Perfect Bar’s core product line.


The main Perfect Bar line consists of Carob Chip, Fruit & Nut, and Peanut Butter flavors. Each of the bars possess 16-17 grams of protein which would work perfectly for those looking to keep energy and avoid losing one’s gains after a long workout. The flavor profile of the bar is fantastic, blending together freshly-ground peanut butter with honey and a wide array of additional inclusions. Perfect Bars need to be refrigerated but will stay in peak form for months after a purchase; these products are a great addition to a lunch box or as an on-the-road snack. The wide variety of flavors that the company produces means that one will have a number of different experiences. Pick up boxes of Perfect Bars today from the company’s website; a single bar will run around $3.

Rating: 9.8/10

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  1. I buy them at Costco and take one to work everyday and eat it a couple of hours after lunch. They really are great tasting and they come in a variety pack.

  2. I just started really liking these, but then I had a bad experience.

    They taste great, the price is outrageous. I only buy them if I can get them for $2 or less per bar, otherwise I can just make one by mixing nut butter and honey. That’s all it is.

    I found a longggg piece of human HAIR embedded into the bar. Disgusting. I tore open the end of the wrapper and kept it wrapped, and started eating. I was halfway through the bar, and I noticed a long hair. It was literally embedded into the bar. I know for sure it was not from my contamination because 1) I don’t have that kind of hair, 2) I didn’t unwrap the bar completely and noticed the hair as I unwrapped it.

    I read on their website that they hand made these in their “lab” in cali or wherever. So basically its a bunch of people just smashing ingredients together in their kitchen with a fancy packaging machine to make it look professional. I just bought 3 cases of these, I might take them all back, because what ELSE is mysteriously embedded into these bars???? Sickening.

    Lastly, the whole refrigeration thing is a marketing scheme. There is absolutely no reason from a food sanitary aspect for these to be refrigerated. I read on an interview article from one of the founders that the ONLY reason they are refrigerated is to prevent the oils from separating from the bar and pooling on top. The other reason he stated was because it gives consumers the IDEA of freshness, and wholesome ingredients. Don’t be fooled, when was the last time you saw peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter or honey being sold in the refrigerated section? They are shelf stable. Basically these guys just didn’t want to add a simple emulsifier to keep the oil and water together, and wanted a way to trick consumers into thinking its better than the other bars on the shelves room temp. BUYER BEWARE.

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