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Hello, CLOVR. Can you provide us with a little information about yourself and your music?

My name is Vaughan Kelly. I am 20 years old and I’m an electronic producer from Australia, I’ve been learning how to produce since age 14 and have a background of instruments including drums, piano and guitar  which helped form the sound I try to accomplish as CLOVR.CLOVR only started taking off in 2015 with small touring up and down the coast of queensland.

Fresh is one of your latest single. What does it contribute to the persona that is CLOVR?


‘Fresh’ really set the bar for my work and added a massive twist to the style I developed. To me I feel that I can grab more peoples attention with such a vast variety of sound.

In a similar fashion, you have just released “Dream” (featuring Brianna Brett). I feel that it has a distinct sound from the rest of your compositions on SoundCloud. Do you see yourself expanding into additional styles/sounds for the future?

Right from the very start I aimed and pushed styles of sound that I feel listeners hadn’t and never will hear before. I’ve always gone for a very unique and iconic sound and I’ve never wanted people to say ‘that sounds like Flume’ or ‘this sounds similar too’ I want people to hear my music and say that sounds like CLOVR. And YES!! The future contains a lot of new styles and sounds with an album coming out soon and I mean to raise the bar!!

Can you describe your creative process to us? How does a song go from an initial germ of an idea to a full composition?11159999_1605401809705005_195558807705334468_n

I’ve got a lot of ways that inspire me, the main trait would be downloading a bunch of weird sample packs and running through them one after the other until one clicks and starts as a hit on a drum rack or a chord progression through a sampler. Another is just experimenting, with synths and percussions, doing things other producers wouldn’t and just push the boundaries.

Listeners make much to do about the quality of online music (128 v 320, FLAC v streaming). What thought have you put into the different ways in which listeners can experience the compositions on your new EP?

I’ve really only scratched the surface of trying different forms of online media, in the future when I’ve got more support from a record label or even a manager ill push to expand to a much wider range of media sources but right now I lack the experience with the hole online streaming thing hahah.

What does the balance of 2015 hold for you? What styles/approaches/influences will you take in the follow-up recordings to Fresh?

I’m always trying something different and ‘fresh’ was pretty much the start of really pushing my sound, and im super excited for the future, I mean 2015 was the biggest year for me so far it keeps getting more and more in your face everyday with so much going on I mean through the thick and thing 2015 was definitely the hardest but it also showed me were I want to be in the music industry and it brought out some really talented artist like ‘Slum Sociable’ and ‘Daniel Johns’ who have impacted on individual tracks which may or may not be in the upcoming album.11403459_1624267711151748_3764425780254850307_n

You have released your live sets for your fans. Do you think there is a live component to your sets that is not present when listeners play a mix?

To be honest, my Dj and live sets are completely different, I mean I haven’t uploaded a live set yet but i will give a sneak peak of what’s to come with the Paxtons Ethereal art exhibit performance coming up in Mackay August 1st. With my Dj sets I aim to bring a club vibe without playing any of the mainstream or Melbourne bounce crap, pretty much always finding a way to be different.

What would you like to do as a performer before you retire?

Headline Glastonbury for sure and have 1 last worldwide tour and finish at the place that first took CLOVR to perform (Flinders social Townsville). That would be a good ending for me.

How can our readers find samples of your music and get in touch with you?

The main place to find my music is either on Soundcloud, Triple J unearthed, fame music or my facebook.

And contacting is a simple as an email through [email protected] or on my facebook page


[email protected]

Finally, do you have anything else to mention to the readers of NeuFutur?

Always try hard at everything and follow your dreams, they’re the things that separate us from each other. Now Stop listening to me babble and start listening to my tunes, rate, like, comment, share, play at your party and what ever people do with music these days just enjoy the music that I’ve spent so much time creating.

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