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You’ve studied dentistry for years, you can identify molars from 50 feet away and you’ve got better precision with a dental pick than a surgeon with a scalpel. And, after years of working for someone else, all you want to do is strike out on your own.

Indeed, having a private dental practice is a real signifier of success in the world of teeth and gums. But that doesn’t mean owning your own practice is plain sailing.

Like opening any other business, you’re facing off against stiff competition from dentists all across your town or city.

So what can you do to give yourself an edge?

Waste the right way

In the wrong hands, your dental waste disposal could go horribly wrong. And not unlike hospitals and general practitioners, poor disposal will lead to masses of bacteria festering in every corner of your practice.

Clients know instinctively when a dentist is skimping on hygiene. They’re not the only ones – if an inspector comes calling when you’re reusing an unwashed drill bit, you’ll be shut down in a heartbeat.

The ideal service will provide you with all the facilities you need, detail their use and aid you with their disposal. You’ll never have to worry about your waste again.

Wistful waiting

Some people find the idea of visiting the dentist about as appealing as being punched in the face by an irritable Floyd Mayweather.

We’ve all been in rubbish waiting rooms. Magazines from 1985 furnish the crooked coffee tables while an irritating children’s gameshow loops on a small, tinny sounding television. It’s about as relaxing as a loudhailer bellowing in your ear.

Call in an interior design expert to give you a cool and calm waiting area. Moreover, make sure your periodicals are up to date and chillaxed music is playing. That way, your clients will be as cool as a cucumber come check-up time.

Online time

The court of public opinion is stronger than ever – and, chances are, people will be chattering about your practice.

Numerous review sites catalogue ratings of dental practices across the globe, allowing the discerning customer to take their money elsewhere if they’re dissatisfied.

Check online regularly to see how you can improve the quality of your service. Your efforts will be rewarded.

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