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We received the Firefly Portable Vaporizer for review a few weeks back and were astonished by the ease of use, versatility (with the concentrates add-on pads), and the duration of the device’s battery. Taken together, these factors make for one of the best vaporizers that we have reviewed. The device is ergonomic, fitting easily in the palm of one’s hand, while the loading process is sufficiently simple to decrease the possibility of any material being lost. One only need remove and replace the magnetic top plate; the Firefly uses decent magnets to ensure a tight seal.


The device warms up in the fastest fashion of any vaporizing device we have covered, utilizing an intelligent power curve so that none of the material is burnt. The borosilicate (Pyrex) chamber can heat and cool thousands of times without an issue without imparting any additional flavor. The modular style of the Firefly makes the cleaning process extremely easy, without hard to reach angles or crevasses in which material may become stuck. An intuitive set of LED colors provide all the information about the health of the device – a solid blue color means that the Firefly is charged, pulsing green showcases that the device is heating, a red pulse means that the battery is low and an amber color indicates that the device is too hot.

The vapor that comes from the Firefly is substantive in volume while being presented to the user at a low temperature. Each .1g experience yields enough vapor for 1-2 people without any actual smoke or detritus. The Firefly also can utilize concentrates as well; the stainless steel pads are food-safe quality (available as an add-on from the Firefly store), are able to easily be installed and be vaporized without incident. Replacements and add-ons for the Firefly Portable Vaporizer are well-priced, available directly from the company’s web store. The car charger ($30) will top off a Firefly to a full charge in a few hours, while replacement top covers ($35) and battery doors ($15) mean that one’s device can stay functional even after rigorous camping trips or festival outings.

The Firefly retails for $270, and comes in red, black, and silver colors. The learning curve for this vaporizer is small, meaning that one will be able to successfully operate the device after familiarizing themselves with the manual.

Rating: 9.5/10

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