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There is a large amount of extra trash that is created every time one purchases a box of juice cartons. One pays for the convenience, as the cost of the juice per ounce is much greater in single-serve packages than it is in a half-gallon or larger size. For those that are concerned with their environmental footprint or just want to save cash through the year, Precidio Design has created the Juice in the Box product. The product is a re-usable juice box that is made from a durable BPA-free material, with over 80% of the material utilized being recycled. While the Juice in the Box is market for the younger set, the durable build quality and resealable aspect of the product would be a perfect addition for those that pack their lunch for work. We liked the product as it was easy to blend one’s one juices or continue to vary the liquid that is placed into the product. We would recommend giving the Juice in the Box to children of all ages.

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The process of washing the Juice in the Box is simple as it can be hand-washed or placed in the dishwasher. The constituent parts of the product can all be removed to combat mold, mustiness, and any other of the issues that are traditionally associated with juiceboxes. Expect to pay about $12 for one Juice in the Box, which will quickly be recouped after a few months of daily usage; it comes in blue, red, green, orange, and pink colors. At an 8 ounce capacity, the Juice in the Box would be perfect for those that are looking to monitor their fluid intake and anyone that wishes to keep their electronic devices dry and free of stickiness. A solid product with many uses.

Rating: 9.0/10

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