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Cheremushka’s Don’t Forget To Turn Me On is a haunting track that will have Irina Myachkin’s vocals tattooed deeply upon the psyche of anyone listening in. The twinkling instrumentation that plays at the background of this single add further depth to the track. There is a certain timeless quality to Don’t Forget To Turn Me On that means fans of sixties female performers and fans of current and contemporary styles will be able to find something alluring.


The raw emotion and complexity of Cheremushka’s vocals here are extremely compelling; few tracks with such a friendly and inviting demeanor will be able to have such depth. The production of Don’t Forget To Turn Me On is deft enough to allow the instrumental and vocal sides of the track to shine on their own as well as together. The song is distinct enough from the rest of the fare that is being released on pop radio that listeners will be eagerly devouring every syllable that is uttered here.

Few singles are able to tell such a detailed and intricate story, but by the time that Don’t Forget To Turn Me On finishes, fans will be able to possess a much deeper insight into this unique performer. For greater information and updates from Irina, make it a point to bookmark her main domain and familiarize yourself with the covers and original composition upon which she imbues her inimitable style. While Don’t Forget To Turn Me On is a song that we will be playing through the immediate future at NeuFutur, the twists and turns which she inserts upon a classic like Bette Midler’s The Rose showcases a maturity to this still-young performer.

Rating: 8.4/10

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