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Mike Gale has opened the flood gates. ‘Slows to Go’ marks the third album in two years for Co-Pilgrim’s front man, not to mention two solo efforts he has already released this year. But far from a sloppy, thrown together effort, the latest from the UK Indie pop band is a surprisingly expansive set of dreamy pop that skirts the line between low-fi and clean, airy pop.

The comparisons to Guided By Voices are obvious, especially on the feedback-heavy, five minute-plus “Flood of Tears,” but far from simply being Robert Pollard acolytes, the trio leave their own mark on the genre, thanks in part to the sweet harmonies and Gale’s crisp, blithe vocals. While two tracks here hover around the five-minute mark, the bulk of the dozen songs here clock in around two-minutes, a powerful efficiency that even The Ramones could admire.4687

Gale may be burning the candle at both ends, but ‘Slows to Go’ shows no sign of cut corners; a satisfying record from start to finish.

Co-Pilgrim – Slows to Go/12 tracks/Battle Worldwide Recordings/2015


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