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Run To Life - Can't Write Love Songs

Nation of Winners is an emotive bit of rock from Run To Life on their latest, Can’t Write Love Songs, that blends together tremendous instrumentation with a haunting set of vocals. The dynamic allows each side to shine while creating something that is decidedly greater than the sum of the constituent parts.
Run To Life - Can't Write Love Songs

Is It for Good is a tender and touching composition that is sedate and soft before opening up into something expansive and wholly engrossing; the guitar and vocal dynamic present here pushes each to an entirely higher plateau, rendering the cut into an integral part of Can’t Write Love Songs. A Lone Green Park switches up the dynamic to allow for the instrumentation to bubble over and take a focal point on the track. It is this continual desire to innovate and create different facets by which to enjoy the band that makes Run To Life’s latest such a must-listen.

Clouds That Never Fall builds off the framework of performers like Howie Day and John Mayer, with the vocals having the aural crispness of “Black Balloon”-era Goo Goo Dolls. Splashy drums and sizzling guitars allow this track to pop, while simultaneously furthering the narrative that is established by the lyrics. Living Surface slows things down, allowing for listeners to focus more on the heavy and pensive lyrical content; the twinkling guitars and warming drum line make this effort into something that deserves heavy radio play. The quality of the production on Can’t Write Love Songs is immaculate, establishing a close and comfy sound for listeners without letting the finished effort be muddy.

The Can’t Write Love Songs CD ends with Fall Prairie Skies / Catching the Sounds, a duo of tracks that provide closure to the album while giving fans some semblance of where the act may go on subsequent albums.

Top Tracks: Nation of Winners

Rating: 8.4/10

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