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Upstate Brewing (New York) has created Common Sense, a Kentucky Common Ale Common Sense would be a great beer paired with burgers, salty foods, or American cuisine. The style is interesting as it had disappeared for the most part after Prohibition; while grain and malt are in ample supply here, one can discern hints of dark fruits and slight floral elements. While a more easy drinking beer, Upstate’s Common Sense has enough in the way of twists and turns even for the most discerning brew aficionados. Common Sense (Upstate Brewing)The beer is surprisingly resilient as it warms; one will be greeted with the same array of notes no matter where they may be at in a can.

Common Sense pours with amber coloration and a good amount of off-white to tannish head that dissipates rapidly. With the ABV pegged at 5.3%, a 4-pack of pounders would be perfect over the course of a night. There is a varied enough chorus of flavors that one will be as eager to polish off a can of Common Sense as they were when they initially opened it. Vans of German lagers, Irish reds, and bocks will appreciate what is done here, while the hop presence that is experienced in Common Sense is just enough allure to bring fans of pale ales / India pale ales into the equation.

For more information about Upstate Brewing’s year-round and seasonal offerings, check out Upstate Brewing’s domain. The brewery’s social media profiles are valuable services for new product information and for day to day events at Upstate. Keep an eye out for our coverage of Upstate’s other two year-round brews, I.P.W., an India Pale Wheat Ale and X.P.A., an Extra Pale Ale.

Rating: 8.0/10

Common Sense (Upstate Brewing) / 22 IBU /  5.3% ABV / /


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