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We are in the middle of winter and even with the heater on high, there are nights at our house where the temperature begins to dip, and one is required to bury themselves in a blanket like faux fur throw. Therapedic has created the Ultimate Comfort Heated Blanket that goes and ties together a thick, cozy blanket with a tremendously powerful heating element to make for something that is not bulky but will keep one warm throughout the coldest nights of the winter.Therapedic Ultimate Comfort Heated Blanket

We received the king size version of the Ultimate Comfort Heated Blanket and the company does not skimp on the size. This blanket fit perfectly on our bed and allows for one to go and plug in one or both sides of the blanket based on what they need – I like sleeping with just the blanket while the wife likes having the heat on high. The dials on the blanket make it easy to place the blanket at whichever level of warm that they would like, meaning that somebody that might be just slightly chilly can go and place the blanket at a 1 setting while somebody that is absolutely teeth chatteringly cover up with the blanket and dial it to 9 or the maximum setting.

The Ultimate Comfort Heated Blanket warms up quickly and stays warm for as long as somebody has it plugged into an outlet the like it retails for about $240 but a durable design and smart arrangement of the power plugs means that this will be in the rotation for anyone over a number of years. For more information about the full product line that the company creates, the sizes that they have available and any sort of specials or promotions that they may be offering visit the Therapedic website. The company also offers further product updates and information at their social media account.

Rating 9.0 / 10

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