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SakkieFTW - Experiment 1.3.2 EP

Spiral opens up SakkieFTW’s Experiment 1.3.2, and it immediately sets the stage for the overall sound of the EP. The dark and deep sound utilizes angular sounds and a softer/harder dynamic that links together dubstep and industrial for something truly beautiful. 

The titular song from Experiment 1.3.2 ties together trip-hop, jungle, and glitch styles into a high-energy composition that weaves a rich narrative through the introductory music. Vocal samples are used sparingly and to great effect, as SakkieFTW ramps up the momentum with a percussive/vocal dyad that acts perfectly as a thoroughfare for the different twists and turns that listeners will experience through the remainder of this four-minute track.

FGWTF continues with the percussive-dominance style initially experienced in Experiment 1.3.2, pairing it with a snap track.

This call and response gradually spins into a bass-dominant section that succeeds due to the presence of a deep, dirty sound. The dense collection of sounds ensures that FGWTF has considerably replay value, as fans will have to spin the cut multiple times before hearing the entirety of what SakkieFTW has included into the mix.

Frogstep is a high-water mark for Experiment 1.3.2, as the effort hurtles into greater chaos. The laser-like focus of the early part of the track opens up into a varied experience as the beginning side of things drops out, allowing SakkieFTW to create a hard-hitting, furious double bass-esque sound as a bridge between the beginning and end of the track. In Chains is the final track on Experiment 1.3.2, it delves back into the collective consciousness to adopt sounds from the techno and drum n bass of the late nineties to provide an emphatic, Prodigy-esque ending to a tremendously illustrating, compelling release.

Top Tracks: Frogstep, Experiment 1.3.2

Rating: 8.6/10

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