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Online dating for lesbians can be a double edge sword. Some women have incredible success within the world of online dating and lesbian chat rooms while others report nothing but disappointment. Success appears to be highly tied to location, but also to technique, expectations and how you approach the game. Crafting the best profile possible that accurately reflects what you are looking for can go a long way.  If you truly want to meet lesbian women for dating and even something serious, follow these five simple rules!

Rule #1: Be Honest!

It is a waste of both your time and your potential partner’s time to fill your profile with lies and exaggerations. If you are going to meet each other eventually, everything will come out! After all, you do want to find someone who appreciates all aspects you, right? Be upfront about who you are, what you look like, what you enjoy doing, and what you are looking for in a woman.

Rule #2: Write About What You Would Want to Know

Having trouble figuring out what to put into that dreaded “about me” section? It is so hard to write objectively about ourselves. Try this, imagine you are a friend who is describing you, what would you say? Better yet, enlist a friend to help you put all of your positive attributes into words. Think about what you would like to read on another woman’s profile and go from there. What would you want to know about someone else?

Rule #3: Paint a Picture of Who You Are with Words

You want the person reading your profile to be able to imagine being with you. Describe your typical morning, explain why you love your hobbies so much and how you feel when you are immersed in them, share your passions and your life’s goals.


“When I hit the trail on my morning hike, surrounded by nature and the sounds of the trickling creek and birds chirping, I feel at peace.”


“I enjoy my routine of leisurely waking up with a cup of rich dark coffee in one hand, and a newspaper in the other, with bacon sizzling on the stovetop.”

Women with similar rituals, hobbies, or goals will be instantly drawn to you in a way that they would not be when reading a profile with one-word answers to questions. They will be able to imagine themselves fitting into your world.

Rule #5: Don’t Skirt Around the Deal Breakers.

Clearly display your deal breakers, or must haves. Are you only open to dating women that fall within a particular age bracket? Does your ideal partner want to to have children? Is smoking non-negotiable? If anything is a deal-breaker for you, clearly state this. Try to phrase everything in a positive light if possible. Instead of “No smokers! Only women under thirty! If you don’t want children, move on!” try “I am searching for a lady of similar age to me (under thirty), who refrains from smoking, and who wants to start a family one day.” If negativity comes across in your profile, many readers will assume they will see frequent negativity in your personality as well.

If you follow these basic guidelines, your chances of success with lesbian online dating is incredibly high. Have fun, and good luck out there!

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