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Killing Tyranny - Martyr

Who I Am is the introductory track on Southern California’s Killing Tyranny’s latest, Martyr. The single ties together furious guitar work, supersonic vocals, and complex drums and bass that will have listeners on the edges of their seats. Caged continues this high momentum with growled vocals and pointed drum fills.

God Bless The Child begins with a slower tempo, allowing Killing Tyranny ample opportunity to set the stage for a magnificent narrative. The act is able to create a number of twists and turns with this effort, which builds off of the framework of acts like Queensryche, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. The tender guitar line that plays through this effort works perfectly with the splashy drums and assertive storytelling of the vocals; the nearly six minute run time of this song goes by incredibly quickly.

You Can’t Save Me pairs the vocals and drums in an alluring fashion; the desire of Killing Tyranny to continually innovate at all stages of Martyr makes for an album that is strong from beginning to end. Control Freak is another strong effort on the second half of Martyr; the back and forth of the vocals is given a certain gravity through focused drums and on-point guitar riffs. The titular track on Martyr ties together the Dead Kennedys with a technical metal requiring fans to spin the track multiple times before hearing everything that the band has placed within.

Rule the Monkeys is a fun track as Killing Tyranny looks back to the days of Alice Cooper and pairs it with a pared-down, stripped-down metal style. Martyr closes with Weight of the World, an effort that links together the disparate twists and turns encountered by fans through the entirety of the disc while contributing greatly to the overall profile of the band.

Top Tracks: Who I Am , You Can’t Save Me

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