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3n1gma by E.A.L Axner

3n1gma by E.A.L Axner begins with Phantom, a very deliberate electronic meets techno effort that sets the stage for everything that is to follow on 3n1gma. Burning Red at Horizon builds off of the framework of Rockit-era Herbie Hancock and late-era Kraftwerk. E.A.L Axner is able to create a cogent narrative with the songs on 3n1gma that creates as deep and engrossing of a story as artists that are vocal heavy.

Rex starts out in a fashion reminiscent of the original Star Trek theme, while Axner is able to keeps building on the early-eighties sound initially observed in Burning Red at Horizon. The immaculate sound of the production here ensures that fans of all ages will be able to appreciate what is presented here. With equal hints of goth, darkwave, industrial and techno music, 3n1gma is an album that covers a lot of space. Axner is talented enough to make these disparate elements work together in an unitary fashion.

Symbiosis is a late-album track that shatters the concepts that I had regarding the final half of a disc. Where artists are more than happy to typically put their weakest efforts, Symbiosis is a complex and fulfilling track links together Daft Punk, new age music, and The Avalanches into one compelling sort of dance track. Eclipse is the final effort on 3n1gma and showcases where Axner may go in subsequent releases. The bit of jungle and drum n bass influence that makes it into this effort gives this concluding effort a mid-1990s sound. The bounce that is present on this track ensures that the ending of 3n1gma is just as strong as it has begun. For more information about Axner, check out his Facebook or Bandcamp. The album is also available on Spotify.

Top Tracks: Burning Red at Horizon, Deadlock

Rating: 8.0/10

3n1gma by E.A.L Axner / 2016 Interlock Records / 13 Tracks / /

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