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Everpresent - Omega Point

Everpresent’s Hyponotic is a track that skillfully blends electronic and pop music styles from the 1980s, 1990s, and more contemporary sounds. This means that this introductory track is able to call forth comparisons to INXS, Peter Gabriel, Savage Garden and Linkin Park all in the space of three minutes. Dreamscape is a refreshing of the mid-1990s Pet Shop BOys and drum n bass styles into something brilliant; the strong female voices that are presented here will tattoo their melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. 

Intoxicated is one of our favorite tracks on the Omega Point EP as it brings together disparate styles and approaches.; There is a good amount of mid-1980s / new wave sound that bubbles forth here, but the secondary set of vocals look to the halycon days of the mid-1990s. What results here is unique, fun, and will stick with listeners long after the Omega Point EP has ceased to play. A strong production is the cherry on the top of this sundae, allowing all of these different twists and turns to be showcased without sounding cluttered.

Prey is a distinct effort on Omega Point. The track has hints of gothic music (Black Tape For a Blue Girl) along with a deft blending of synth, drums, and bass elements. The instrumental and vocal sides are both given ample time to shine, making for something that is wholly different from the rest of the EP while still being absolutely vital for understanding Everpresent’s story. The Omega Point EP concludes with remixes of Hypnotic (Catizone) and Intoxicated (DJGX) and is available from iTunes . A remix EP will be available from Everpresent sometime before August ends. Check out Everpresent’s Facebook and Twitter for the latest in news about this alluring performer.

Top Tracks: Intoxicated

Rating: 8.7/10

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