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No Love - To the One Who Loves Her Next

No Love’s To the One Who Loves Her Next being with the retro-infused sounds of Young in Love. Young in Love is an eclectic effort that links together synth-pop, emo, and soul into a funky, emotionally dense track. Vocals are able to effortlessly build upon the framework of Patrick Stump and Conor Oberst. The blend of physical and electronic elements to this introductory effort showcases a duality in No Love’s music that one can trace through the whole of To the One Who Loves Her Next.

High All The Time is a compelling track, with No Love gradually moving into an early-nineties constellation. The band channels hints of Prince and Fall Out Boy in the sheer range that is achieved with the vocals. The crisp and sculpted sound of No Love’s instrumentation is the perfect match for these vocals, expanding the overall sound to include nods of  ambient and indie genres.

To the One Who Loves Her Next is a focused alternative-rock track that succeeds with a deliberate drum beat and good amounts of vocal narration. When the band increases momentum with To the One Who Loves Her Next’s chorus, the care that is taken to keep constant showcases No Love’s tautness. In Wine Is Truth is a bold track in that the act tries something considerably different than the previous efforts on the EP. Echo, electronic reverb, and an increased role for No Love’s instruments makes this into another stellar single. No Love are able to showcase a depth to the To the One Who Loves Her Next EP that few bands could; fans will possess greater familiarity with the band while still having little idea where they will ultimately be taken with subsequent releases.

Top Tracks: To the One Who Loves Her Next, High All The Time


Rating: 8.0/10

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