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iKlip Grip Pro, a value-priced must-have tripod

Tripods, monopods, and portable stands for one’s phone have been all the rage in our Snap and selfie-based world. However, the sheer difference in quality makes it difficult to quickly find a product that can cover all the bases. iKlip has released their Grip Pro, an iPhone/Camera stand that is multi-functional while keeping the overall quality of the design high. The overall fit of an iPhone into the Grip Pro is snug to the point that one feels confident that the device will not become dislodged, even while the phone is being jostled around. The grip is substantive enough that one will not have to worry about the product falling out, even in wet/humid conditions. For those looking to be more stationary with the Grip Pro (such as recording Youtube videos), the phone is able to be rotated quite easy while moored into the Grip Pro.We were quite pleased with the Bluetooth shutter that makes it quite easy to take pictures even when the phone is out of arms’ length (or if one will destroy the shoot with an awkwardly-placed arm). This is particularly important considering that the Grip Pro’s arm extends to over 24 inches. IK Multimedia’s Grip Pro is versatile beyond its ability to hold an iPhone, giving DSLR shooters a great value for their money. I recall the days of film photography, where a good tripod would cost upwards of $100. By halving that price and keeping the same build design, IK Multimedia has made it easy for photogs to get in position for the right shot. The iKlip Grip Pro is available from Apple for $59.95.

For additional information about the whole range of products that IK Multimedia offers, visit their main domain. We’ve covered a few of their products in the past – give our treatment of their iRig BlueTurn a spin.

Rating: 9.0/10

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