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iRig BlueTurn (IK Multimedia)

The iRig BlueTurn is a bluetooth page-turner which at a passing glance is a deceptively simple device. However, the product has a tremendous amount of utility for musicians. At first glance, the iRig BlueTurn looks to be a very simple sort of product as there are buttons for up and down that are available. When one thinks about how the device can be used, they will come up with a good amount of possibilities.

The iRig BlueTurn is a perfect sort of device for anybody that is viewing sheet music or other Bluetooth capable device from afar and does not wish or is unable to get up every time that they wish to change a page. Where there are numerous reading applications that the device shines in what I see the strongest suit of the Bluetooth page-turner is music. This is particularly the case when one is learning sheet music or a tab and has their screen at arm’s length or further. By having the ability to just tap the device with a foot, it becomes much easier and less of a difficult proposition to go and take in a new song or composition.

The process by which the iRig BlueTurn connects with a network is extremely simple and should be able to be connected by even those that are not too familiar with the technology. The build quality of the page-turner is strong meaning that it can take a tumble off the top of a stand without being the worse for wear just as easily as it can stand being trampled each time one needs to flip their sheer music. The price point at which the Bluetooth page-turner is being offered by IK Multimedia is approachable as one can purchase the device for $70. For additional information about the entirety of devices that the IK Multimedia provides visit their website. Further information about promotions and new products that they offer can be located at their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Rating: 8.5/10

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