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We received a pair of the Elements Headphones from BiGR Audio a few days ago and are pleasantly surprised that the overall quality for the price point at which they’ve been located. Coming in a ornate wooden box that allows individuals the ability to go and put them up when they are being used, Elements Headphones are a solid blend of smart design and capable speakers making for a product that works equally well no matter whether one is looking to play video games, podcast, or rock out to music. We were quite astonished at the richness and clarity of the sound that was reproduced with the Elements headphones. Over a wide variety of genres the headphones were able to faithfully reproduce every drum beat, hook and guitar line which an act provides to their listeners.

Where reproduction of music is one strength of the Elements headphones we were quite impressed with the headphones’ replay of spoken audio in the headphones. The big headphones really hammer home the luxury that can be presented with a pair of this format. The over-the-ear headphones a lot of different companies make but the quality has such a wide range; one has little idea about the product before getting it on their melon. The Element headphones have ample room for an individual 2 adjust to the proper size meaning that this will fit buyers of all ages.

The bit of padding at the top of the headphones is durable while providing a close fit making it quite easy for an individual to keep them on their head for an extended length of time. When it is quite easy to make a gaming session last five or six hours or eagerly devour a three or four hour podcast the level of comfort should be a prime consideration whether one purchases a pair of headphones. In the case of the Elements this level of comfort continues when one looks at the pads for the headphones themselves. They provide a solid fit against a purchaser’s ears while going and protecting against injury from repeated usage.

The cord for the headphones can last through whatever rigors that one can put it through. The headphones themselves are able to take a number of things and scratches without looking the worse for wear as the materials utilized can stand up to repeat trauma. The BiGR company provides a number of distinct options and colors for their headphones so further customizing the experience is no difficult feat. Check out their website for more information about the whole product line, availability and the ability to purchase a pair of these headphones. Simply worth the $140 that the company has priced the product at.

Rating 9.0 / 10

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