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Two Cities One World - Let the Whole World Disappear

Two Cities One World begin their Let the Whole World Disappear with I See the Sun. This introductory effort has a warm and emotive sound and taut instrumentation that skillfully blends together alternative rock and pop. The unique sound that immediately issues forth during this track will make fans of anyone fortunate enough to listen in, while the production of this single is professional enough to allow each constituent element ample opportunity to shine alone or as part of the greater composition. We were particularly in love with the shift that the track takes, moving more into a retro R&B, gospel, and funk sound to the instrumentation. The ability of Two Cities One World to move through these styles while creating something cohesive is unparalleled in current music. Suga Daddy is a bouncy track that has Anna put forth supremely confident and alluring vocals on top of thick bass lines and a cool, jazz-infused horn/synth arrangement.

Love Blues changes up the overall sound of Let the Whole World Disappear to give the instrumental side of Two Cities One World a greater highlighting. What result is a track that fires on all cylinders, standing up to repeat spins. There is just so much that is occurring in the periphery during Love Blues that fans will be able to play it numerous times and find previously-unheard twists and turns.

Our favorite track on Let the Whole World Disappear is Honey Sweet Voice; the track has some of the rich arrangements of Joe’s Garage-era Frank Zappa as Anna’s vocals speak about her indomitable spirit. This inspiring style is continued in Footprints; the numerous styles and approaches that listeners will experience put Two Cities One World at the top of the heap.

Top Tracks: Honey Sweet Voice

Rating: 8.2/10

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