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Steve Loza - All Is One

Steve Loza’s All Is One begins with Takeoff to Tokyo, a jazz-infused track that blends together the jazz style of the 1930s with an on-point instrumentation and a narrative that is as rich and varied as any lengthy lyrical composition.

De un Mundo Raro brings a bit of a Latin flair into All Is One. The sheer depth to the instrumentation is out of this world; fans will be able to find new dynamics and nuance with each and every composition. Of the first quarter of the CD, Half Moon Bay is our favorite. There is a cooler style to this composition and a set of vocals that pull double duty in both giving listeners a narrative touchstone and as an additional layer to the harmonies achieved during the track.

When Lights Are Low is one of the shorter efforts on All Is One, but the track has a slicked-back, Sinatra-esque style. Everything has its place in this effort, which is able to succeed with the combination of soft tones and taut instrumentation.

Amanecí en Tus Brazos is a raw, passionate effort that utilizes a horn-vocal dynamic as its backdrop; the piano’s contributions here ensure that the track will resound loudly in listeners’ ears long after it ceases to play. Dream of Flight is the penultimate track on Steve Loza’s All Is One. The technical skill exhibited in the first minute will immediately draw fans into the cut, while the vocals do a great job in setting up the distinct arrangements that are to follow. En las Montañas Mas Allá is another must-listen track as it closes up all of the loose ends on the album, while granting fans a brief look into the sounds,a pproaches, and styles that they will likely see on follow up albums to this.

For additional information about Steve Loza or his music, visit his profile on the Merrimack Records website. Those NeuFutur readers which are active on Spotify can check out the album to see for themselves the broad strokes and finesse that went into creating an engrossing and fulfilling album.

Top Tracks: En las Montañas Mas Allá, De un Mundo Raro

Rating: 8.4/10

Steve Loza – All Is One / 2017 / Merrimack Records / 12 Tracks / /

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  1. Hi James! I’ve just sent you a new release called “Field Of Plenty”. By Gary Nichols, that features the legendary Spooner Oldham on acoustic grand piano. Spooner was inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame in 2009 by Paul Shafer in the sideman category. He’s been on records with Aretha Franklin, Wilson Picket, Otis Redding, Persey Sledge, Bob Dylan, Neal Young, etc. He’s written several hits for several people. One of the original Swampers, and in the Muscle Shoals Documentary. Also featuring the legendary Charlie Musselwhite, blues man, and harmonica vertuoso. You should receive the disc on Monday. Cheers Joe

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