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Our facial skin is the first thing anyone sees. Most of us have a daily skincare routine to care for our skin. While this is generally sufficient, sometimes it is also prudent to concentrate on areas that deserve special attention. Use of daily soaps and products on our facial skin is harmful unless they are of superior quality. Only use a trusted brand like Premier Dead Sea (have a look at ISA customers reviews of Premier Dead Sea on TrustPilot) that uses minerals and vitamins from the famous Dead Sea. With a trusted, derma-safe range, their skincare products are available for all skin types at varied prices. You can see user testimonials and reviews on the Premier Dead Sea site.


Let’s look at 5 areas on our face that need extra skin care attention.


Under Eyes

Under Eye skin is one of the most sensitive skin areas on our face. It is sensitive, thin and can get easily damaged due to lack of sleep or overexposure to the sun. Don’t step out without applying a mild, non-irritable sunscreen. Trust in a good quality eye serum to hydrate and replenish aggravated blood vessels before you sleep. You can also apply raw honey under your eyes and leave for 10-15 minutes. Once done, wipe off with a soft damp cloth to leave your under eye skin feeling softer with less visible wrinkles and lines.


Eye Lids

The skin around your eyes, especially your eyelids is thin and soft. Stretching the eyelid skin can cause unnecessary irritation and dryness. It can also get affected adversely by over rubbing. Since it is the outer layer to the eyes, it needs extra attention apart from a daily facial moisturizer. Use eye creams with vitamin E to restore thickness and reduce itching and scaling of the eyelid skin. Discontinue any eye makeup removers that cause discomfort or eye-watering. Consult a physician to get proper treatment if irritation and redness persists.


In between the Eye Brows

The skin between the eyebrows is rarely spoken about, but this sensitive area has to be cared for with a lot of love. Skin in between the eyebrows is sensitive to UV rays and can dry out very easily to cause flakiness, irritation, and acne. Gently exfoliate the skin between your eyebrows from your nose to your forehead. Use gentle circular motions and once done, rub a small layer of cocoa butter to the skin between the eyebrows. Cocoa butter has excellent hydrating properties that smooth affected areas to prevent scaling, flakiness, and itching.


Around the Lip Line

With age, wrinkles and smile lines get more pronounced. Laughing, frowning, and smoking are the primary causes for deepening these lines. There are 2 ways to battle this – use a lip and mouth moisturizing cream that smooth wrinkles and restores vitality to the skin around the lip line, or apply grape seed oil topically to the affected region. Grape seed oil has natural antioxidant properties and helps restore elasticity to the skin thereby reducing lines and wrinkles and restoring vitality and suppleness.


The Hairline

Shampoos and conditioners used in hair are only great for your hair – not for your hairline skin! No matter how carefully you wash your hair, there is bound to be some acne breakout or dryness around the hairline. While generally ignored, skincare at the hairline is as important as the rest of the face. Use a gentle cleanser to clean off excess oil, flaky dandruff, and leftover hair care products. Avoid leaving face wash suds towards your hairline and wash clean with water or a damp cloth. Use a toner regularly to replenish balance and to soften your hairline and forehead skin.


Use these tips to care for the sensitive skin zones on your face. These areas require special attention to ensure that you have smooth, even toned, clean, and fresh looking skin. If you’re looking for deeper cleansing, that covers the entire facial skin, have a look at this video presenting a Premier Dead Sea Review – Peeling Mask and Moisture Cream.

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