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Carrington - Leaving Curves

Carrington is able to create a late-nineties and early oughts sound of pop punk from the first few seconds of their new EP, Learning Curves. There are hints of Face To Face, Mest, Taking Back Sunday and Good Charlotte. The emotional intensity of this introductory track is enough to keep listeners on the edges of their seats. Punchy drums, snotty vocals, and a dense instrumentation ensure that fans will continue to find new twists and turns even after a few spins. Bent has a bit of punk-metal grit to it due to the dynamic between the drums and guitars. The rapid-fire vocals present during this effort work well with the crunchy bass lines, making for a track that is immediately going at 100% even just a few seconds after it begins. This is our favorite track on Learning Curves, an effort that will have fans singing along even after a few plays.

Weary succeeds because of the fuzzy guitars, the back and forth between the vocals, and a bit of heaviness that keeps the low end popping.

Care Factor Zero goes back into mid-career Blink 182 with hints of Yellowcard to make for something that shines vocally and instrumentally, while Learning Curves’ final track, So You Think You Know Your Judo?, ends the release as emphatically as it began. So You Think You Know Your Judo? is an intense effort that showcases some of the sickest bass outside of Matt Freeman. It is a rare sound (the vocals / bass dynamic) that comes forth late in this EP, but we would love to hear more of it with Carrington’s follow up to this fantastic release. Check them out – their Facebook and Bandcamp are below.

Top Tracks: Bent, Care Factor Zero, So You Think You Know Your Judo?

Rating: 8.8/10

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