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Utz gives plenty of options.

There are no small amount of potato chip companies that are releasing their wares in the northeast Ohio region and it becomes pretty difficult at points to find the best sort of chip. We were lucky enough to be gifted a box all of the odds line and we were pretty impressed with the variety of different products that the company offers. Their traditional potato chips are crispy without being greasy, while having a good amount of salt to keep individuals crunching along. The party mix is able to do away with trans fat while providing individuals with a variety of different savory and sweet elements.

The Party Mix blends together tortilla chips with nachos and pretzels to create something that varies each time one opens a bag. Utz is the only company that I know of that is utilizing purple potatoes for one of their ships offering by going forth and using more than just the bog standard potatoes that seemingly every company uses. Through these small changes, the company is able to create something truly special. There are other variants of the company’s line that work well. One of our favorites at NeuFutur headquarters had to be a salt and vinegar chips which really created an umami flavor through its blend of the more tart vinegar with the snap of the salt.

Their pretzel wheels were also fantastic with the one ounce bags being a perfect sort of inclusion for anybody that wants to jazz up their lunch boxes or would need a snack for pre-launch hours. While we covered a number of their traditional offerings comments creates a number of product line extensions per year. One further example of their desire to innovate in the potato chip and snack industries had to be Utz’s crab chips. These chips utilize it’s his own version of the Old Bay seasoning that is predominant throughout the East Coast.

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