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Even though nootropics have been receiving a lot of attention in recent times, they have actually been around for a long time in traditional medicine. According to studies, nootropics increase the blood flow in the brain that acts to improve the health of the brain and its function.

The Different Effects of Nootropics

The increased blood flow to the brain changes the rate of release of neurotransmitters and optimizes signal transmission between neurons located in different parts of the cerebrum. The brain receives more oxygen and nutrients boosting its energy, focus, and alertness. Additionally, since nootropics boost the metabolism rate of glucose, the brain gets more power as glucose and oxygen provide vital energy to the brain.

Nootropics Boost Neurotransmitter Release 

Nootropics also increase neurotransmitter release in the brain; these include acetylcholine, dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin. Each type of neurotransmitter has a vital role to play in the functioning of the brain. Acetylcholine is important for learning, decision-making, focus, and memory, while glutamate governs the overall health of the brain. Serotonin and dopamine control functions like memory, mood, and power to concentrate. The brain’s ability to retrieve information and memories are dependent on the state of the connection of the synapses. Nootropics not only assist in the repair of damaged neurons but also help in developing new synapses. More details are available on the nootropics website.

Benefits of Using Nootropics   

The most fundamental benefit associated with using nootropics is that they help to improve the memory power. This is the reason why nootropics have found favor with college students struggling to ace examinations and young professionals trying to excel in their multi-tasked lives. For most of us, it can be a steep challenge to remain focused on anything for a long time even if we are very patient. Nootropics can come to the rescue of those who require staying focused on a particular job for long periods and also helps them to recall things better. Other advantages of using nootropics include reduction of anxiety and stress levels; in fact, the use of nootropics has been linked with uplifting mood. Studies have established that nootropics substantially reduce fatigue of the brain and allow users to extend their work for longer and do their work more efficiently.

Nootropics – The Downsides

While nootropics are clearly far less toxic than most drugs, they do have some side-effects that need to be taken cognizance of. Firstly, the increase in the supply of acetylcholine to the brain can cause to over excite the synapses and cause headaches. However, this is easily counteracted by adding choline to your diet. Some people have known to experience symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. This is easily addressed by lowering the dose. Since nootropics are known to boost energy levels, it may make sleeping difficult. Adjusting the timing of the dose will be effective in preventing insomnia.


Because of their multiple benefits and lack of serious side-effects, nootropics can act to significantly boost the performance levels of those who need to perform well under stress.

Author Bio: Adam West is an experienced doctor living in West Virginia. He recommends nootropics to his patients who need to maintain an active lifestyle.

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