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We have been fortunate to receive a few brews from Austin, TX’s Hops & Grain Brewery over the last few years. In fact, their Porter Culture is bar none a world-class porter and represents one of the reasons we’d drive the eight hours to Austin. The brewery has just released their Haze County, a double IPA that rivals in quality the aforementioned PC. The beer pours with a orange-brown color and possesses a fair amount of off-white head that laces itself down a glass. The titular quality ensures that the beer is a bit murky; the initial sip indicates that the flavors here are as clear and crisp.

While there is decidedly floral and fruity sides to Haze County, the beer is surprisingly easy to drink. Pegged at 8.2% ABV, one would imagine that this would be a palette wrecker; with all of these bold elements working in harmony, what results here is a brew that is dangerously easy to crush. The number of distinct elements that are presented to one as they finish each twelve-ounce can is considerable. Bits of wheat and grain play nice with sweeter elements, all while a resinous hop flavor plays the lead in the IPA. Hops & Grain’s Haze County gains an additional tick in that it stays surprisingly coherent in the 90-plus degree temperature we regularly have in Arkansas. Where the tendency for many beers is towards becoming sweeter as it gets warmer, the sharper sides of Haze County stay in focus until one finishes the last drop.

Check out our previous coverage of A Pale Mosaic for another top-notch effort from Hops & Grain. The brewery’s social media present will key imbibers in about new efforts, while the brewery’s main domain is a one-stop shop for information about HaG’s year-round and seasonal offerings.

Rating: 9.3/10

Haze County (Double IPA) / 8.2% ABV / / / /

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